This photo is from the 2012 Masters.What do you see in this picture? Do you see Lee Westwood just practicing his “Gate Drill” with his coach Pete Cowen?  Let me tell you what I see. I see a perfect example of a consumate professional taking care of some hallowed ground.  Augusta National is a treasured iconic club, known worldwide as one of the most prestigious golf courses on the planet. Do you treat your facility as your hallowed ground? If you do and others don’t, feel free to speak up and let them know.

One of my pet peeves as a coach is seeing golfers’ unnecessarily damage the practice area while practicing. I’m constantly on the putting green or walking by the putting green reminding students or members to stand on a towel if they’re block practicing one putt for a long period of time.

It aesthetically damages the turf and as Andrew Lombardo, Golf Course Superintendent at Wyndance Golf Club explains…

“Proper etiquette on any green while playing is to avoid stepping on your playing partners line.  The practice green should not be any different.  Even though your partner isn’t there so to speak, I would prefer that golfers’ adopt the method pictured (above) to allow the next golfer to enjoy the same surface.  Soft spikes aren’t that soft when standing in one location for long periods of time and will cause damage seen for a few days after.  It’s easy to pin point the exact location because of the two precisely discoloured foot prints that appear on the green.  The towel provides a cushion and reduces friction between your shoe and the green surface.  A green will withstand some light abrasion from foot traffic but repetitive ware patterns will cause damage.” – Andrew Lombardo, Golf Course Superintendent, Wyndance Golf Club

Please do your part to help educate others, don’t be afraid to speak up.

Game Changers - Mind the Putting Green with Jason Helman

By: Jason Helman, 0ne of Canada’s Best Golf Coaches
PGA of Canada Teacher of the Year (2010)
PGA of Canada Professional Development Award (2016)
Top 5 Teacher in Canada – Golf Digest Magazine
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