Testimonials – Jason Helman Golf

Jason Helman has worked with many people in the golf industry. Let’s see what they’re saying:

I learned so much from Jason, he took my swing, putting and short game to another level.  He’s able to communicate so effectively with me and I was able to take my game to a higher level. Even after I moved away he still helped me. Although my father helps me a lot, I’m very proud to continue to call him coach.

Andy Hyeon Bo Shim

Student, 2012 USGA Junior Boys Amateur Champion

Jason Helman is by far, the best coach my 9 year old has ever had the privilege to learn from.  Within one month of private lessons, my kid’s progress is exponentially greater than when she did other competitive youth golfing programs for months in the Greater Toronto Area.  Jason always gives his undivided attention to my child, educates her on the game of golf, and inspires her to practice every day during the week (a miracle for any parent).  Jason is also very practical and resourceful — he uses an an educational learning app to video my child during a lesson and then uploads it for personal viewing after each lesson.  In doing this, it helps my child review lessons and see the progress from the very first lesson to present day.  Jason is professional, and has a positive attitude.  Seeing the way my child  interacts with him at each private lesson, as a parent, I am relieved and overjoyed to have finally met someone in Toronto who can help my kid achieve her golfing goals.

Jennie Baccante

Parent of Student

Jason is a great coach both on and off the course. He has always been there and helped me when I needed it. He figured out the different possibilities and solutions that I required to enhance my skills. He also understands that golf is more than just about the scores you post. There’s all of the other elements that go into the game that are a big part to improving a players overall game.  He pointed this out for me as we worked through a few things in my swing and short game.  He developed a solid practice plan for me to improve upon my weaknesses while maintaining my strengths.  If you’re looking for a coach that really cares about his players, I’d definitely recommend you get Jason on your team.

Kayla Lawrence

Student, Symetra Tour

When it comes to golf instruction, Jason is a professional in every sense. His patience, expertise and passion for the game is evident through his teaching methods and desire to help all golfers at all levels. Myself along with many of my work colleagues have had the pleasure of being taught by Jason and we’ve all come to the same conclusion – that being; we would look no where else but Jason when it comes to learning the game of golf.

Chris Gregoris


In the short time I’ve known Jason, everything he has set out to do has been accomplished above and beyond expectation. I’m glad to know him.

Jim Burke

Founder, The Perfect Release

I was very happy to meet Jason Helman.  I found him online and came to Canada for 1 month of coaching during my travel.  I learned a lot during that time about how to play and  my swing got much better technically. If you go to Canada and want to improve your game.  Book Coaching with Jason

J. Chen

Student from China

A one hour session with Jason helped me take several strokes off my handicap. His teaching techniques are easy to follow and leave a lasting mark.

Ed Power


I was in town from Montana a few times for training. Jason helped me develop my swing in just two weeks.  He really knows how to explain things in a simple manner and provides excellent concepts. I won my flight in our annual club tournament the following weekend.

Thanks Coach


John W.

Student, Montana, USA

Hi Jason,

Just wanted to send you a quick “Thank you.” Denis, Ben and Keaty absolutely had a great week and loved the experience.  They came home very tired every day! ha  Judging by the Day 1 swings vs the Day 5 swings it seems they learned a lot as well.  I noticed on your leaderboard for everybody, many of the counted scores came from day 5, that is really amazing. Again, Thank you, and please pass along thanks to your staff.  I will see you guys around the club.  Greg

Greg A.

Parent of students - Junior Camp

World Class Golf Instructor And Good Guy…..lucky to have this guy working in my own backyard. Looking forward to more work & progress on my game this coming year.


Mike Alcott

Student, Toronto, ON

Jason is a coach that I’ve known for over 10 years. His holistic approach to coaching provides golfers pathways to achieve their goals. If you’re looking for an outstanding coach who is caring, dedicated and committed to you, look no further.

Dennis Sales

High Performance Junior Golf Professional

After having known Jason for several years now, it is very clear that not only is his information complete, but his ability to communicate that message to a variety of golfers is spectacular.

Thank you for the lesson down in Florida!

Preston Combs

PGA Professional & Course Kings

Jason is a dedicated, knowledgeable Golf Teaching Professional. He has worked hard to become complete and rounded in his teaching approach to be able to help the highest percentage of golfers. He was  awarded the PGA of Canada Teacher of the Year. An honour that is awarded as a result of hard work and proficiency in your field. I highly recommend Jason Helman to help take your golf game to the next level.

Charlie King

Co-Director of Instruction, Trump National Doral Golf, Rick Smith Performance Center, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher

Sometimes things are taken for granted when it comes to coaching, which is why I wanted to take the time to let you know how thankful I am for your help in developing my skills both as a golfer and as a person.  Your years of friendship and support allowed me to chase my dream and fulfill some of life’s goals. I worked very hard and put lots of hours in but I wouldn’t have gotten to the level I achieved without your knowledge and coaching. I’m very proud of how your career has turned out and I know you will succeed in the future years to come. I hope more professionals seek out your expertise so they can take their game to an even higher level, it certainly helped mine.

Tyler Martin

Student, PGA Tour of Canada Player

Jason is a highly skilled golf coach and motivator. Jason utilizes unique techniques and methods to help all golfers, of all ages and skill levels, become better golfers. I would not hesitate to recommend Jason to anyone that wants a very dedicated, hard working and very skilled golf coach. Jason would be an asset to any team.

Scott Reid

Managing Director, Callaway Golf Canada

Mr. Helman is at the forefront of golf instruction with his coaching programs. You will have a tough time finding anyone on par with him. I’d trust my game, and my kids’ golf, to Jason without hesitation.

James Hong, PGA

US Kids Top 50 Master instructor

Coach Jason Helman is one of the best golf coaches you will meet. I started working with Coach Jason four years ago, and he has improved my golf game immensely without trying to completely change my golf swing. One of the best coaches you will meet!

Stephanie Ho


Each province in Canada has a few elite PGA members, Jason Helman is one of them. He is a leading instructor, author, and coach and every experience I have had with him is a positive one. His leadership and quest for learning is what makes him so valuable to his students, tour players, and employers. I fully endorse the value of Jason Helman in all aspects of the game of golf.

Todd Halpen

Co-Founder, SwinkeyGolf

As a tour player, I have worked with Jason and seen the results he has produced with other players on the tour. Being a successful golf instructor and entrepreneur takes a lot of work and determination. Jason has proven this with the results his players show, and the award for PGA of Ontario and PGA of Canada Teacher of the Year last year was well deserved. If you want to play better, go see Jason.

Brian Benedictson

PGA of Canada Tour Player & Founder, Swinkey Golf

Jason is awesome to work with. I’m a feel player not a mechanical player. He has refined my skills without over complicating things and as a competitive amateur this is really important. If you want to take your game to the next level Jason can certainly get you there. Top level coaches make a difference, let Jason make a difference in your game.

Gerry Greenwood


Jason is always fun to work with and his ability to convey the proper mechanics of the golf swing have helped me tremendously!

David Anderson


Jason makes a very complex pattern, the golf swing, simple to understand.  His explanations and communication is easy to grasp and he always finds the root cause of my issue within a few swings. He is kind and generous with his time and it’s definitely worth the 2 hour drive from Orangeville to work with a coach that truly helps my game.

Thanks Coach for all you have done with my golf game.

Rob Didiodato


I have known Jason for several years while at Wyndance Golf Club. In addition to being an excellent instructor, Jason has been a consummate professional. Jason has always been forthright in his communications and has demonstrated a genuine desire to develop and maintain honest and candid relationships with his clients. Additionally, Jason has demonstrated a keen awareness of the golf industry and astute business acumen.

Gerard Chiasson

Student, Toronto, ON

I’d been stuck at a 15 handicap for several years, and not for lack of play. I took 6 lessons with Jason and got my index down to 9.5. He added 30 yards to my driver, 10 yards to my irons and increased the quality of ball-striking. He also made a world of difference in my putting game and decision making. HIGHLY recommend.

Ryan Gennaro