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Proud to be a staff member of Team Mizuno. Take it to the green with Mizuno golfing equipment. Find the highest performing golf clubs in our JPX 900 Series. The difference is in the details!



OnCore Golf ~ Brand Ambassador (Jason Helman)

OnCore Golf is dedicated to delivering breakthrough technology and innovation, while inspiring golfers at all skill levels and abilities. Founded by two young entrepreneurs—Bret Blakely and Steve Coulton—and now fueled by a team of world-class innovators, OnCore Golf entered the golf ball industry through development of the first-ever USGA-conforming hollow core golf ball.  The Company has since developed a growing suite of differentiating products distributed world-wide that now includes the extremely accurate CALIBER ball, the five star-rated AVANT with SoftCell technology to increase feel, durability and distance, as well as the dynamic Golf Digest Award Winning ELIXRTM Tour ball.

Red Zone Golf Combine

The premise of this app is to engage players, students, parents and coaches to work on the short game and have fun. It’s important to know your weaknesses as well as your strengths. However, golfers traditionally always practice what they’re good at and can never really take their game to the next level by arming themselves with new shots. The RED ZONE GOLF COMBINE will point out what you need to work on and enable the user to compete with others worldwide within the app. We trust in the spirit, honesty and integrity of the game will be respected when taking the tests and have built in some fail safes if results don’t match reasonable outcomes. The app will be evolving as we progress with the new ideas and features to make the tests more enjoyable for your usage and skill development. We appreciate positive feedback. If you have any suggestions we would certainly take them under advisement and implement them accordingly. Have FUN using the app.

Tifosi – Brand Ambassador – (Jason Helman)


That is exactly who we are and who we make our eyewear for. Our mission is to provide technically advanced eyewear to enthusiasts of all sports and outdoor activities. We design, test, and torture our product to enhance your sport whether you’re running a 5k, riding your first century or playing 18 holes on Sunday. Tifosi defines us; we are enthusiasts about our product, our sport, and our fun.

In 2003, we set out to create an eyewear brand that stood for quality, style, function, and value. With the support and passion of our partners and customers, Tifosi has grown to become a recognized, relevant, and trusted brand in cycling, running, outdoor and golf. We would like to take a moment to thank you, our loyal customers, without whom we could not have succeeded. Thank you for helping to make Tifosi the #1 selling brand of eyewear in specialty cycling and running stores.* We look forward to the future, and as always, we welcome your feedback and input in helping Tifosi to be the best brand of sports optics in the world.

– Joe & Elizabeth Earley

Zepp – Brand Ambassador (Jason Helman)

Zepp is a powerful training platform that includes a multi-sport sensor and free app.
You can get started right now by downloading the free app to get access to our new video tools and pros swing features.
Of course, these new video analysis features together with the Zepp multi-sport sensor deliver the most powerful platform for capturing your 3D swing data to analyze and improve your game.

Perfect Release

This is one of the greatest teaching aids out there. Thank you to Jim Burke for inventing it, it truly helps my students feel the correct movements to make the proper sequential movements. The Perfect Release works by using “Dynamic Technology”. The underlying element of this technology is tension. The tension supplied by the specially designed cord actually takes the weight of the golf club out of your hands thus allowing you to relax your grip completely.

Score Golf Magazine

Jason Helman has been featured in SCOREGolf Magazine in several issues and is a proud contributor to the voice of Canadian Golf. SCOREGolf offers Canadian golfers the best news coverage, informational resources and interactive tools to enhance the game of golf in our country. SCOREGolf.com is a division of Canadian Controlled Media Communications (CCMC).