There are so many aspects to why coaching is fulfilling. I had always wanted to be a teacher and was accepted at several universities to pursue a teaching career and potentially a football career but eventually realized that my passion was golf. I opted to turn those programs down and pursue the golf industry focussing on teaching only a few years after turning professional. Over the course of the last 24 years in golf I’ve experienced highs and lows and virtually every type of personality and athlete you can possibly think of, beginners, funny people, complex thinkers, laid back students, committed players, frustrated golfers, high expectations, low expectations, emotional people and many more. The greatest asset a coach requires is the patience and ability to communicate effectively with all of these personality types. Golf in some instances is very important to an individual and often a critical piece of someone’s life and while it’s meant to be fun it can also provide stress. I’ve had people come to the coaching tee because they were devastated that they weren’t hitting it the way they wanted, so much so that they burst into tears prior to getting started and of course the odd club slammer. As a coach, or professional I pride myself on improving their skills and making it fun for them again. Now, here’s a few of the reasons why coaching is so rewarding in no particular order. Enjoy.

  1. Going to work everyday because I love what I do
  2. Being passionate about helping people.
  3. Arriving to the smell of fresh cut grass and a beautiful sunrise or rain, and your student says, “let’s go.”
  4. Kicking my shoes on, coffee in hand and chatting with members before heading down to improve some lives.
  5. Enjoying and interacting with people and working on something different each day.
  6. Constantly learning either through education or through every student that comes to my coaching tee.
  7. Helping people with planning for their business through golf.
  8. Helping people enjoy the game more by providing new concepts
  9. It’s personally rewarding seeing people succeed and achieve their goals.
  10. Being a strong leader and educating fellow professionals.
  11. Valuing my peers and their insight while continuing to grow as a coach myself.
  12. Enjoying attaining my own goals.
  13. Helping athletes overcome their fears.
  14. The smile on a child’s face when they first make contact. “I did it, I did it. Did you see?”
  15. High fives, down low, on the side, too slow. : )
  16. Making up a secret handshake.
  17. Watching a student over a period of years develop their athleticism and become an athlete.
  18. The junior golfers first version of a fist pump.
  19. The junior golf one liner’s that make you laugh and you can’t wait to share them.
  20. Watching the junior golfer run to their parent after a practice…”watch this, watch this.”
  21. Seeing the self confidence shine through on a student’s face when they flush one and they look at you after they have that “aha moment”
  22. Helping students get their expectations under control.
  23. Helping students get their emotions under control.
  24. Helping students understand to accept the outcome.
  25. Knowing that I have a purpose or a gift that I am meant to share.
  26. The sense of fulfillment and satisfaction when you get a text message that just says : ” I just wanted to say, Thanks Coach.”
  27. Seeing athletes motivate each other through competitive skill building.
  28. Watching a student accept their trophy.
  29. The moment when you see previous students and they still remember the things you worked on together.
  30. When students, parents or family finally get it that it’s quality over quantity.
  31. The first time a student shows/tells you they have a journal about each day they practiced or played.
  32. Cultivating and providing a structured practice environment where students can excel and have fun.
  33. Knowing you won’t let that student leave your coaching tee without ripping one and leaving on a positive note.
  34. The special feeling you get of honour when you’re invited by students to their home for a party. Knowing you’ve built and are nurturing relationships into friendships.
  35. Seeing and supporting your students by going to watch them play other sports.
  36. The smile you get from helping a now disabled golfer who still loves the game and they stripe one
  37. The feeling you get when a student makes up a new game on their own to build skills.
  38. That moment when you get a new call or text telling you that you were referred by a student.
  39. When you say something you’ve never said before and come up with a new analogy while explaining the concept to a student and you surprise yourself.
  40. When that junior asks…”Are you going to post my swing on your youtube channel?” : )
  41. It’s fun to have a specialized trade.
  42. That text or call when the student gets their first hole in one.
  43. It’s a great way to earn a living.
  44. Junior Camps are the best weeks of the season.
  45. When the student texts you: “I just shot my lowest round ever, I cannot thank you enough.”


By: Jason Helman, 0ne of Canada’s Best Golf Coaches
PGA of Canada Teacher of the Year (2010)
PGA of Canada Professional Development Award (2016)
Top 5 Teacher in Canada – Golf Digest Magazine
Golf Channel Swing Fix Instructor