Private Junior Golf Coaching Programs and Junior Camps

Jason Helman is one of the best golf coaches in Canada and often works with a variety of different golfers at the junior level, he offers private junior golf coaching programs and Junior Camps in Toronto. He works with beginner juniors, competitors learning to compete, and high performance junior golfers.  Over the course of Jason Helman’s career he’s been striving to change the paradigm of how golf instruction is presented. Jason does not focus on single lessons or small packages and is very passionate about developing junior golfers and growing the game amongst today’s youth. If you want your child in junior golf to have an understanding of the sport for business purposes or you would like the family to be more active together or if they’re chasing the dream of a golf scholarship, Jason believes, as in every other sport that students need to commit if they really want to get better and achieve their goals. This requires them to have a solid long term relationship with the golf coach and an understanding of what student accountability really means as a club golfer or an athlete. Jason Helman is one of the finest golf coaches in Canada and often works with a variety of different golfers at the junior level. He works with beginner juniors, competitors learning to compete, competitive junior golfers and high performance junior golfers. Jason’s junior golf coaching programs have been very popular and he has several successful junior golfers that have gone on to obtain golf scholarships. If you would like your kids to experience golf but you’re not sure, Jason Helman Golf also offers junior golf camps during the summer months. These camps are geared to golf and developing the skill sets and athleticism of the athlete, all while having fun, learning the rules, honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, respect, responsibility and courtesy the game and rich history has brought forward to us since it’s founding. If you truly want to have more enjoyment from the game, you have to commit to working towards improving your skills and learn to play golf. Jason prefers to teach you how to play golf versus golf swing. If you want to be better, do your due diligence and find the best golf coach, there’s no question coaching makes a difference in the development and success towards your journey in the game.  Sign up for a Junior Golf Coaching Program today!



This 4 month program is designed to educate, build skill sets and provide life learning experiences that juniors will remember for the rest of their golfing lives. This private instruction is individually priced and you are welcome to book at your convenience. Ages 6 to 14 are eligible for this program.  The program is based on 3 hours of coaching per month, per student. Contact us now to book in for private junior golf coaching and work directly with Jason Helman. If you’re in the following areas Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering, Uxbridge, Port Perry, Milton, Coburg, Peterborough, Belleville, Newmarket, Aurora, London, Kitchener, Bowmanville, Brantford, Oakville, Hamilton, Etobicoke, Vaughn, Stouffville, North York, Guelph, Port Hope, Barrie it’s worth the drive to enrol your junior in an exceptional coaching program.


  • 60 minute sessions directly with Jason Helman
  • Coaching sessions are located in a private coaching area
  • Private online training space for all your videos and drills and stay in communication with your coach at your convenience
  • On Course ‘Playing Lessons’ included in the program cost


Jason Helman is by far, the best coach my 9 year old has ever had the privilege to learn from.  Within one month of private lessons, my kid’s progress is exponentially greater than when she did other competitive youth golfing programs for months in the Greater Toronto Area.  Jason always gives his undivided attention to my child, educates her on the game of golf, and inspires her to practice every day during the week (a miracle for any parent).  Jason is also very practical and resourceful — he uses an an educational learning app to video my child during a lesson and then uploads it for personal viewing after each lesson.  In doing this, it helps my child review lessons and see the progress from the very first lesson to present day.  Jason is professional, and has a positive attitude.  Seeing the way my child  interacts with him at each private lesson, as a parent, I am relieved and overjoyed to have finally met someone in Toronto who can help my kid achieve her golfing goals. ~ Jennie Baccante, Parent


Don’t miss out on these junior golf camps. It’s worth the drive to Uxbridge to get the best coaching available for your child. These are the best junior golf camps in Toronto and the GTA. Jason Helman is a top junior golf coach and heads up these camps with his staff. These are FUN camps that engage the kids and provide a great learning experience.  From the Day one swings to the day 5 swings there’s a tremendous difference in their athletic abilities and we capture all for you.  As a parent you will feel like you’re in the camp yourself. We work on physical skill development via skills challenges to enhance co-ordination, balance and stability along with full swing analysis, video analysis, games, bunker, chipping, putting and on course instructional coaching that will be very beneficial to the development of the kids which isn’t offered in any other camps.  We ensure the kids are having FUN and focus on skill set development. This isn’t just a drop off day camp to keep your kids occupied. They will learn honesty, integrity, responsibility, safety, respect, courtesy, confidence and judgment, not to mention your kids WILL BE BETTER when they leave this camp, in fact they may even be able to beat you by the end of the week. Junior Golf Camps Toronto. Click here: REGISTRATION FORM

Parent Testimonial:

Hi Jason,

Just wanted to send you a quick “Thank you.” Denis, Ben and Keaty absolutely had a great week and loved the experience.  They came home very tired every day! ha  Judging by the Day 1 swings vs the Day 5 swings it seems they learned a lot as well.  I noticed on your leaderboard for everybody, many of the counted scores came from day 5, that is really amazing. Again, Thank you, and please pass along thanks to your staff.  I will see you guys around the club. ~ Greg, Parent


Jason Helman offers one on one un-limited coaching in a College Golf Scholarship Program. This is a 12 month program. UN-LIMITED JUNIOR GOLF COACHING.  This program requires commitment, dedication, passion and perseverance. The individual will meet Jason Helman and schedule sessions 48 hours in advance. Sessions might be on Swing refinements, Short Game Testing using the Red Zone Golf Combine, Sports Psychology, Nutrition or Fitness. Students will spend instructional time with Director of Instruction Jason Helman only and work one-on-one both on the range and on the golf course.  The following will be used to facilitate the findings:  3D Balance Analysis, Capto 3D Putting, Coach Now Student Online Coaching locker, Video Analysis,  Launch Monitors, and other fitness related testing to ensure you reach the highest level possible, these are inclusive to the program. The components of this program consist of monthly coaching sessions, supervised practices, nutritional sessions, fitness sessions, mental game coaching,  Other notable topics: goal setting, tournament scheduling College Resume and recruiting information. CALL – EMAIL for Pricing  (ONLY 10 SPACES AVAILABLE) – Act Now! Experienced QUALITY coaching is hard to come by.  Please do your due diligence when researching a coach for your junior athlete. It’s very true in today’s society that you get what you pay for.


This program is a minimum 6 month program and is structured for monthly payments. If your serious about competitive golf on any level,  interested in perhaps a scholarship or have aspirations of one day turning professional this is great program.  The hours or monthly commitment options are your choice.  Custom options are also available.

This program requires commitment, dedication, passion and perseverance. However, the program is also designed to give you a certain “life balance” which is very important for your growth as a person not just a golfer. The components of this program consist of monthly coaching sessions, supervised practices, nutritional sessions, fitness sessions,  online training space, mental game coaching and more.

(4) hours per month of coaching for the 6 MONTH PROGRAM

(4) hours per month of coaching for the 9 MONTH PROGRAM


Introduce junior golfers to the game.  Jason Helman and his staff run an incredible program for kids interested in learning the fundamentals of golf. It is our goal to provide a positive learning experience and offer quality programming at an affordable rate. It’s a very affordable program to get kids/juniors involved in a great sport for a lifetime of opportunity. This program is available to children, grandchildren or their friends ages 4 to 10. REGISTRATION FORM

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