Jason Helman is a leader and at the forefront of golf coaching and instruction – he is a two time national award-winning PGA of Canada Professional with over 25 years in the industry.

Over the past 25 years as a Golf Professional, Jason has made his mark in Canada as a top instructor and golf coach. His passion for the game, pride in his students, and their willingness to learn and develop as golfers and advance in the game are what continues his drive to coach. Jason teaches adults, juniors and competitive juniors.  He has also worked with several players over his career on the Web.com, PGA Tour of Canada, LPGA & Symetra Tours.  If you spend an hour with him or sign up for one of his coaching programs, he will be sure to turn your game around, perhaps your concept or even attitude and approach towards the game. He truly builds life long relationships with his students and it’s one of the main reasons Jason Helman is the best golf coach in Canada.




Michele Liew, MS, CAT(C), ATC, TPI Medical Level 3 Certified

Michele is our biomechanics and injury specialist in providing the use of 3D motion capture data and the relationship between your body to your swing to help you throughout your golf coaching program.

Michele is a Certified Athletic Therapist (University of Connecticut), holds a Masters in Sports Medicine (University of Florida), and completed her residency in Sports Biomechanics with a research interest in 3D Golf Biomechanics. Michele herself is a former competitive golfer and has continued to pursue her studies in sports medicine by studying the relationship between functional movements, injury prevention and performance enhancement in golfers. Her interest in 3D golf biomechanics also led her to working with the University of Florida’s NCAA Division 1 Golf team, NCCGA Team and LPGA players.

Her interest lies in helping golfers improve how they move to prevent any injuries while enjoying the sport they love. Moving well is a key and can help make the golf swing a lot more efficient and easier on the body.