The following is a list of players Jason has worked with in various capacities,  both past and present. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with them and learned a lot from all of them as we grew or worked as a Team. I’m proud to have helped them in developing their skill sets so they can continue in the game at whatever level they hope to achieve. I look forward to their continued success and growth.

LPGA /Symetra Tour 

  • Kayla Lawrence
  • Vivian Tsui
  • Alana Johnson 
  • Seema Sadekar 
  • Stacey Bieber 
  • Nan Ha

Tour Professionals

  • Bryn Parry
  • Keith Nolan
  • Tyler Martin
  • Andrew Duvall
  • Andy Shim
  • Michael Hanna
  • Craig Conroy
  • Trevor Cowley

Juniors & Scholarship Recipients

  • Tae Won Kim – CJGA
  • Andy Shim  – USGA Junior Boys Champion
  • Andre Zhu & Emily Zhu – CJGA, US Kids
  • Kevin Lee – CJGA, US Kids
  • Shea Varty – (OVU)
  • Andrew Kay – University of Waterloo
  • Juhee Bae – CJGA Order of Merit Winner –  (UVA)
  • Alyssa Getty – (UNLV)
  • Danielle Sawyer – Central Michigan University (CMU)
  • Tanner Bigcanoe – Durham Junior Tour
  • Ethan Bigcanoe – Durham Junior Tour
  • Dawson Lew – US Kids, CJGA, MJT
  • Ryan Chen, CJGA
  • Jeffrey Liu, CJGA
  • Harrison Zhang, CJGA, MJT
  • Alexi Filion, CJGA, Durham Junior Tour, MJT, Golf Ontario
  • Jiapeng Lu, US Kids, CJGA, Golf Ontario
  • Weijian Lu, US Kids, CJGA, Golf Ontario
  • Vincent LaPointe, Durham Junior Tour, MJT
  • Rosalynn Liu, US Kids, CJGA, MJT
  • Jaiden Brown, CJGA, MJT, Golf Ontario, Golf Canada
  • Judy Lin, CJGA, MJT


Competitive Amateurs

  • Greg Bubela
  • Nick Bubela
  • Gerry Greenwood
  • Jordan Waldman
  • John Simpson Sr.